About Us

Why choose our services

TECHIEMAYA is one of the famous leading Training cum Consulting company. We provide best trainings in all the niche technologies. We provide help in your work to debug the technical issues and make you understand the code better. We recruit skilled techies in the world as our Techiemates and provide best service to the students to grow better in their career.

Our process

We have best Techies from all over the world to guide you and help you technically. To finish a project one requires knowledge in many number of technologies. We provide you a group of Techiemate top skilled in each technology based on your requirement to help finish your project smoothly. We are always happy to help you at any time.

Our obligation

Our experienced Techiemate are always bound to guide you technically, help you to finish the project fast, teaches you the process of fixing the issues. Our folks are from all over the world to work in shifts as well, so don’t worry about our availability we are happy to help you at any time. As a team we make you to learn the work and get succeed in your career.

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